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My Family

My wife Dorothy and I met at a party in February 2002. We were both studying at Harvard; she was a senior at Harvard College, and I a 1L at Harvard Law School. She captured my heart and soul that night, and I haven’t gotten her off my mind ever [...]

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Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Senary Ventures and Senary Commonwealth I have the privilege of serving as Founding Partner and CEO of Senary Ventures, a multidisciplinary web3 innovation firm I created with Erich Wasserman and Jonah Weinstein. We’re convinced that blockchain technology is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “do well while doing good.” It represents a [...]

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Thought Leadership

In 2015 I embarked upon a sabbatical of sorts, relinquishing my day-to-day professional responsibilities in order to realize a longstanding ambition of mine: writing and publishing a book explaining the insights I gained as I lost my sight. Those insights have brought me immense rewards—joy, fulfillment, “success”—and I’ve long [...]

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With many thanks and hearty kudos to the authors, here’s a (nonexhaustive) list of books that have greatly impacted my thinking in recent years, in alphabetical order. Have a great book to recommend?  Please pass on the suggestion [...]

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