Home Construction Collective and Rigor

    I serve as the CEO of Home Construction Collective, the first investment platform for fractionalized equity investments in new home construction. With partners Erich Wasserman and (his sister) Julia Wasserman, we’re on a mission to solve today’s glaring housing crisis, the gaping spread between low housing supply and high demand for home ownership—particularly in the entry-level segment. (There are 4.5 to 7 million fewer homes today than there are people who want to buy them.) Our approach is to bring new sources of capital into the market in order to build more homes more affordably, offering eligible investors the opportunity to earn compelling returns while contributing to the inadequate supply of homes for purchase. It’s an urgent and important mission near and dear to my heart, so I’d be grateful if you’d click here to read more about what we’re up to and get involved!


              I also serve as the CEO of Rigor, the technology that is “under the hood” of Collective when it comes to construction management. Rigor is a coordination and payments platform for new home construction that offers greater transparency and efficiency while mitigating waste, fraud and subcontractor turnover; reducing payment terms from the industry’s average of 80 days to less than 7; and shortening construction cycle times. Project Sponsors who list investment opportunities at Collective use Rigor to manage their projects on behalf of their investors.