Choose how you live and lead, in every moment.

Throughout his entire life, Isaac has proven time and time again that anything is possible, no matter the circumstance. His story is one of true strength, perseverance and hope - one that we can all learn something from
Dan Gilbert
Founder & Chairman, Quicken Loans Inc., Majority Owner, 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers
I can't convey the positive impact that Isaac had on my team! I've had countless numbers of team members say his presentation was the highlight of their week, and still getting positive feedback! Thanks again!!
Lou Tedrick
Vice President, Global Learning and Development, Verizon
We are very sensitive to how sponsored speakers reflect upon our brands. We've never had one do it better than Isaac Lidsky! He gets a 'standing ovation' from us for meeting our objectives, just like the standing ovation he got from the entire audience.
Mike Murrell
Publisher, Sales & Marketing Management and Training magazines

Topics Include

Eyes Wide Open

You create your own reality, and you believe it. Isaac will prove it to you, sharing his eye-opening perspective of sight itself as an example. You’ll gain the vision to shape your life deliberately, with awareness and accountability.

Leadership & Teams

To lead is to listen. True leadership is the alignment of intentions and effort, and true success a byproduct of common purpose. We accomplish nothing alone, and we accomplish little if we cannot listen to each other. Isaac will talk you through it. Listen to him and you’ll learn to conduct a harmonious team.

Motivation & Achievement

In every moment you choose who you are and how you want to live your life. With this empowerment comes responsibility, complete and inescapable. When you’re beset by challenges, you’re tempted to plead with your heroes, blame your villains and surrender to your limitations. This is a temptation to relinquish your choice, to abdicate your control. Isaac will inspire you to make a better choice. Your heroes, villains and limitations are fictions you perceive as reality. Choose to see through them. Choose to let them go.


Fear is a powerfully destructive force in our lives. Above all else we fear the unknown. Yet to thrive in transition we must find empowerment in uncertainty. Isaac will show you how to deconstruct fear’s oppressive tunnel. You’ll learn to embrace the expansive possibilities of the undefined and uncharted.

Entrepreneurial Endeavor

Effort without purpose is entropy. When we labor without a goal we are destined to fail. Using his 3 successful startups as examples—an internet advertising technology company in New York (sold for $230 million); a nonprofit to fund scientific research in Washington, DC ($0 to $5 million in 5 years); and a construction services business in Florida ($15 to $150 million in 5 years)—Isaac will show you how success is a matter of definition. You’ll learn to reinvent yourself and create the organization that expresses achievement as you see it.


I wholeheartedly endorse Isaac Lidsky. My company holds an annual conference every year, and we always bring in a top speaker. We have had Navy Seals, Sports Icons and best-selling authors like John Gordon. None was as well received or as effective as Isaac. Our Post-Conference survey ranked it the most beneficial part of our entire event, and our event was hosted by, and included work with, The Disney Institute. After his Keynote, I expect our best year yet.
Mark Moore
President, Kavaliro
Isaac delivered the Keynote Address at our annual Sales & Technology Conference, addressing 250 of our employees. He deeply impacted every one of them. His presentation was inspiring and energizing, full of lessons to improve both our professional performance and our personal lives.
Jennifer Kenton
Vice President of Sales and Strategic Relationships, Corporation Service Company
Isaac got a standing ovation at our annual kick-off event. He connected with the crowd by combining personal and business stories, touching people in ways we never could have anticipated. His entire talk was an assault on conventional wisdom, causing us to re-evaluate ideas that we'd previously discarded. He created space in our culture for folks from all walks of life to thrive. He made people who doubted themselves feel braver. He made everyone laugh.
Glenn Kelman
CEO of Redfin

Watch Isaac’s Talks

TED Talk: What reality are you creating for yourself?

TED Talk: What reality are you creating for yourself?
Reality is not something you perceive; it is something you create in your mind. Isaac saw this Firsthand when unexpected circumstances in his life yielded valuable insights. What reality are you creating for yourself? Isaac encourages you to answer the question critically and to hold yourself accountable for your choices

Let's Seek To Understand

Let's Seek To Understand
Ciudad de las Ideas 2018, Puebla, Mexico

After the Talk: Heroes, Villains & Critics

Gain access to my Heroes, Villains and Critics video simply by entering your email address here. In this video I expand upon some of the ideas I explained in my TED Talk.

Heroes, Villains & Critics

Heroes, Villains & Critics

Isaac has delivered speeches and presentations to numerous organizations, including:

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